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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to show your website up at the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Search engine optimization can play a vital role in boosting up a business. It is a great way for a business to reach a wide range of customers more easily and robustly. A good SEO service can help a business to flourish to a great extent.

Let’s dive into the matter. By optimizing your site you can show your site at the higher position of the search engine naturally at a specific keyword. But it’s not as much easy as it sounds like. Mainly optimizing a website is based on to two types of optimizations. These are namely, On-page optimization and off-page optimization. Simply, the optimization that is done within the website is called on-page optimization and the optimization that is done outside the website is called off-page optimization.

Generally in our SEO service, for on-page optimization, we firstly search for some perfect keywords that completely suit our customer’s business. The keyword is perfect in a sense that it is relevant to our customer’s business and having high search volume with less competition. On the basis of the keyword, we suggest our customers write articles on it. We also provide some guidelines for article writing. After this, we optimize the website. This process includes meta description optimization, internal linking, title optimization, alternate text etc.

After this, we try to make the site viral in social media, blog, news site etc. In this process, we make backlinks from the website with high domain authority and page authority. We do email marketing, SEM campaign, social media marketing campaign on the basis of the order of our customers.

Along with SEO service. We provide SEO consultancy over:

  • Tools and software for Excellent SEO.
  • Keyword selection.
  • Link building strategies.
  • Creating high ranked site`s backlinks.
  • Building Social media backlinks.
  • Analysis.
  • Taking your website to the top of search engine(Complete Process)

We are Roopokar, a professional and experienced Search Engine Optimization service providing company in Dhaka. In the portion of SEO service, we are having more than 8 years of experiences. We are transparent and time conscious at our SEO service. It’s been more than eight years, we have started our journey in Bangladesh. We served many companies in different countries of South Asia. After acquiring many successes and experiences, we have started our business in the United Kingdom(UK) as “webconsultant”

So we can be your perfect partner for boosting up your business through our SEO service.

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