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Digital marketing service in UK that boosts up your sells.

Best result oriented digital marketing service that uplifts your business to the next level.

This is the era of modern technologies. Digital marking or online marketing is simply the marketing that is done by the digital technologies in a digital platform for the wide range of customers. It incorporates video marketing, display advertisement, social media marking, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, email marketing etc. A good digital marketing service can turn a loss project to a profitable one.

Generally, the ads that are shown at the top of the search engine are known as the Search engine marketing adds. And when you show graphics or pictures to any pages of any website are called display advertisement. These advertisements are given on the basis of Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per Thousand (CPT).

The marketing in social media nowadays is viral. People often run the campaigns in social media. The rate of the campaign may vary time to time and place to place. But social media marketing is very effective for Europe as more than 75% of people in Europe are socially connected and the number is increasing day by day.

SEO can turn your website at the top of the search engine at a definite keyword. But for getting more success, you obviously need to find an appropriate keyword that is relevant to your business and having a large number of search volume with less competition. For giving your add to any search engine you need to attend and win in the auction. To win this auction, you need to focus on the content and the price both. By only price, you cannot win in any search engine marketing auction

Through email marketing, you can reach up to a huge number of your potential customers. You can also get connected with your present customers and turn them into your future customers too.

Creating brand through digital marketing

Digital marketing is absolutely depending on digital marketing in this time. Digital marketing plays a vital role in branding a product. Through digital marketing one can move to a wide range of customers that cannot be done with the traditional marketing system. You can expose your product to a huge number of people to uplift your brand and you can show the benefits of grasping your product which a customer cannot get from your competitor.

Why to choose us for your digital marketing service.

We are having 8 years of digital marketing service proving experience for different companies. We have the adequate and experienced manpower to provide you a best digital marketing solution. Our present head of digital marketing is having more than 8 years experience in digital marketing with a degree from a reputed university of USA.

Roopokar is a professional website design company situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Along with the website development, it produces different types of software. It also provides the digital marketing service. Basically, being a website design company in Bangladesh, it has started its business in United Kingdom(UK) by a name “webconsultant” after obtaining tremendous success in South Asia.


Along with the digital marketing service, we also provide digital marketing consultancy over:

  • Display advertisement.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Google (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising.
  • Creating brand value through online marketing.
  • Graphics, Video, 3D animation for digital marketing.

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